Get start

Getting start on robotics sailing may not straightforward if you have never came across both concepts of sailing and the robot. The Robotics Sailing Academy summer and winter school are the best place to get hands-on experience and there is also useful material freely available online. Whilst this could never be a comprehensive list, we provide a modest “Get start” tutorial on robotics sailing.

The basics of sailing

Lester Gilbert’s Radio Sailing has the right level of content for reader with high school physical education.  The general concepts in sailing were first introduced while more advanced topics design and race strategies are also covered. However, the challenge in Robotics Sailing is different from Radio Sailing. Understand the general principles while figure out differences are crucial to the success.

The basics of robotics sailing

Under the umbrella of WRSC open-source initiatives, a simple version on how to get start on robotics sailing is available at here. It introduce the main components on a sailing robot and point to other useful open-source software solutions. We will expect a team to understand the basics of sailing and use a simulator to test the high level path planning algorithm after finish their own research.

Standard ready-to-sail kit

Whenever you are ready to take the next step, you could try to convert a Radio Sailing boat into a Robotics Sailing boat. Panel discussion from WRSC 2018 suggested the standard ready-to-sail kit.  If you struggle in hardware part, we could help to purchase a standard kit for you. Please refer to this Robotic Sailboat pre-sale link.



Some other materials (may not all in English):