Venue & Travel


Ningbo (宁波), referred as 甬 (Yong), is the home city of the world’s third largest port. It is the economic centre that connects cities near Yangtze river and the Pacific Ocean. Ningbo plays an important role as eastern port of the “Maritime Silk Road”.

The long history and culture heritage made Ningbo as the “hometown of academicians”. There are more than 115 fellows in prestigious societies — including Chinese Academy of Science, Royal Society, National Academy of Sciences and etc. – originally from Ningbo.

As one of few separated planning city, it has a greater autonomy in local regulations to foster the technology innovation. We welcome teams from all around the world to join us at Ningbo to explore the future of connected maritime intelligence.

The venue of the competition is at Dongqian lake in Ningbo.

You can see the mark on the map.

The venue of the conference will be Qianhu Hotel. (The Booking link is just to show the location. Please don’t book your room directly there)  Use the registration form on Register. page so that we could make a group booking at around 60~80 EUR per night per room.


By air

Ningbo Lishe airport (NGB) is the closest airport to the competition venue. However, Shanghai Pudong airport (PVG) has more direct international connections to major cities. We recommend international teams to arrive at Shanghai and take high speed train to Ningbo. We could help to transport your parcel and boat on your arrival to Shanghai.

By train

The easiest way to arrive Ningbo is to use high speed train service (train number start with G or D). Passport can be used to purchase train ticket at railway stations. It takes 2 hours and costs 30~40 EUR to travel between Shanghai and Ningbo.  You can check the timetable at here and we are happy to provide additional help if you are not travel from Shanghai.

By car

The driving distance between Shanghai and Ningbo is about 220 km. But we do not recommend teams arrive by car. International driving permit is not valid in China, not to mention U.S. or EU licence. However, you can use the shared car service such as Uber or Didi for travel inside Ningbo. Ask a volunteer to book the ride for you would be ideal.

What about the boat?

If you decide to ship your boat in a container, please let us know well in advance. We could help to handle the paper work for custom and book a truck for the transportation. The cost can be covered by International Travel Grant if necessary. If your boat can be carried on the airplane, we would arrange a shuttle bus from Shanghai to Ningbo for free. Please let us know the size, value and weight in advance.

Hotel to the competition venue?

Most hotels are not within the walking distance to the competition venue. There will be a shuttle service every morning and afternoon for teams. The Full Registration and Competition Registration teams are guaranteed for seats on the shuttle bus. Conference Registration team or individual may have to wait until they have been called.


There are three sailing clubs near Dongqian lake. Although the final venue haven’t been decided, all of them could provides a tent, electricity supply and internet access for the competition. Please check this page regularly for the update on the final venue.