Southampton has its own international airport which can be reached by many European destination. If you are landing on one of the London airport instead, you can reach Southampton via train (nearest stop: Southampton Airport Parkway, or Southampton Central) or coach (nearest stop: Southampton University, or Southampton Central).

Transport between locations

Transport for teams from the Calshot to the conference accommodation is available on Thursday, 30.8. at 18:30.

Transport from Boldrewood Campus to the National Oceanography Centre will leave Boldrewood Campus at 15:00.


Competition: Parking at Calshot is free for all attendants who booked accommodation. Parking fees apply otherwise.

Conference: Due to building work on Campus, we recommend you park at Gley Eyre Halls (where the accommodation is as well).


Accommodation was available through the competition and conference ticket sale directly on site, however this offer is now closed.